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A date that marks our History

December 12th, 2012, or 12/12/12, is the date in which the story of AnnaTwelve began. The combination of 12s makes this date magical and unique as our fragrances.
According to numerology, the number 12 represents strong symbolic elements of harmony and the completeness of a full cycle. 12/12/12 is also the memorable date in which a new and wonderful life was born, and became part of our lives.


The World of Anna Twelve

Inside our world, the most profound emotions are interpreted with eight olfactory families created by expert Perfumers such as Dr. Enrico Scartizzini, Dario Volpones and Celia Cirimbilli. AnnaTwelve fragrances inspire luxury and elegance by recreating scenarios where the search of intellectual stimulus is a daily experience.
AnnaTwelve fragrances are thought to guide us through journeys of discovery, of amazement, of pleasure, of spirituality.

Uniquely Luxurious

AnnaTwelve speaks to an international, mindful and selective audience interested in exclusive accessories, unique sensations and experiences to be recreated in their own home.
This is why AnnaTwelve’s strategy revolves around distributing only in a few, exclusive international boutique hotels, unique destinations even within luxury tourism. Locations in which the olfactory marketing has been employed as a daily experience to excel in the industry of hotellerie, where clients are very demanding and always looking for new, more complete sensory experiences.

A dream.

To inspire

AnnaTwelve inspires the dream of undiscovered lands, the sailing of the seven seas, the peace of contemplating the beauty of nature staring at the horizon.

The pleasure of immersion

AnnaTwelve fragrances recreate olfactory experiences that fulfill and give meaning to their surroundings when coupled by the architecture of privileged locations such as the lobby of a hotel in Dubai or the lounge of a private airport.

A life of immersive experiences

Welcoming, Extravagant, Seductive: AnnaTwelve fragrances represent an exclusive lifestyle surrounded by chic places, unique experiences and unforgettable moments.


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